Find the right EDF contact in France (2023)

Looking to contact EDF in France? We explain which EDF contact number is right for you, as well as how to reach EDF cusomer support through email, mail and more in our guide.

EDF contact numbers
RequestEDF contact
Take out an EDF contract3004
Subscribe to the EDF blue tariff0969321515
Manage your EDF account0969321515
Pay your invoice by credit card0970833333
EDF English helpline0969366383

Reporting an Outage?Call Enedis (formerly ERDF) at 09 726 750 + your department's code (e.g. Lyon: 09 726 750 69)

EDF English-Speaking Helpline

Did you know?While EDF is the largest electricity supplier in France, alternate energy suppliers offer rates that are guaranteed to be cheaper than EDF regulated tariffs. Call a SelectraEnglish speaking advisor at 09 87 67 37 93, or ask for a free callback. Announcement

The English-speaking customer service number for EDF is 09 69 36 63 83 when calling from within France, and +339 69 36 63 83 when calling from abroad. This number will be free of charge if you call from a landline in France, but may be subject to operator charges if dialled from a mobile phone or from abroad.

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To reach an English-speaking EDF customer service representative, press 1 for technical support, or press 2 for commercial support (to open an account, invoices, billing queries, line activation, changing personal details, etc).

When to call EDF Customer Service and avoid long waiting times

Use this guide for next time you need tocallEDF. The best times to call are midday (during the lunch break), or at the end of the week. Try to avoid calling EDF in the morning and especially on Monday, as these are when you're most likely to be put on hold.

Risk of being put on holdMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturday
Morning (8:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.)Very highMediumMediumMediumLowMedium
Midday (12:30 p.m.- 2:00 p.m.)MediumLowLowLowLowLow
Afternoon (2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.)Very highMediumMediumMediumLowLow
Evening (6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.)MediumLowLowLowLowLow

EDF Customer Service Phone Number

EDF's main customer service number for residential customers is 09 69 32 15 15. Customer service is available on this number Monday through Saturday, from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. You can use this number to sign up for an EDF account, close your account, file a complaint, or for any other questions related to your electricity bill. This number is free when dialled from a French landline.

EDF Automated Number

If you want to pay your bill over the phone or to register a meter reading, you can avoid waiting to speak to an EDF customer service representative by calling EDF's automated number, at 0 800 123 333. This number is free to call, and available 24/24 (24/7).

EDF Postal Addresses

EDF Mailing Addresses for Residential Customers
EDF Customer Service
EDF Service Clients
TSA 20012
41975 BLOIS Cedex 9
EDF Complaints
EDF Service Consommateurs
TSA 20012
EDF Mediator
MĂ©diateur national de l'Ă©nergie
Libre réponse N°59252
(Video) France embassy responds to EFF's call for France to withdraw from African affairs

EDF's Headquarters address is located at:

Electricité de France EDF
22-30 avenue de Wagram
75008 PARIS

The phone number to reach EDF Headquarters is 01 40 42 22 22. The number to dial when calling from abroad is 00339 69 39 44 15.

EDF Online: Espace Client

Find the right EDF contact in France (1)

You may be able to find answers to your questions/concerns online on the EDF website. We recommend calling EDF's English-speaking customer service line or trying your local EDF agency to find someone at EDF who speaks English if this is a concern for you.

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EDF has also created an app, called EDF&MOI that you can download for free on your smartphone or tablet. This app is in French only.

EDF Business Phone Numbers

Small businesses can call EDF Pro at 0810 333 776. This is a French-speaking customer service number, but it is free when dialled from a landline in France. Note that certain mobile operators may charge calls to this number. This number is available Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Large businesses that are with EDF Entreprises can call the national number at 3022, or find a local phone number for their region (see below).

EDF Entreprises Phone Numbers
RegionSmall businessesProperty management firmsCompanies with multiple buildings
or sites connected to high-tension power
Nord Ouest0 810 333 6680 811 333 66 80 820 144 004
Grand Ouest0 810 333 6830 811 333 6830 820 144 005
Ile de France0 810 333 4330 811 333 4330 820 144 002
Est0 810 333 3780 811 333 3780 820 144 000
Grand Centre0 810 333 4320 811 333 4320 820 144 001
Sud Ouest0 810 333 7860 811 333 7860 820 144 007
RhĂ´ne-Alpes Auvergne0 810 333 7220 811 333 7220 820 144 006
Méditerranée0 810 333 6330 811 333 6330 820 144 003

EDF Business Postal Addresses

Business customers should address the EDF customer service point corresponding to their region, or send mail to the EDF Service client Professionnels at EDF Pro, TSA 10250 94962 CRETEIL CEDEX 9.

EDF Agencies

All EDF stores closed on January 1, 2019 EDF had announced in 2017 the closure of all EDF boutiques which was completed in 2019. As of January 1, 2019, EDF no longer operates agencies throughout France. However, EDF customer service can be contacted by telephone and online through their customer area.

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EDF operates 112 boutiques throughout France. Find the EDF boutique nearest to you in our EDF agency directory.

EDF Customer Boutiques in Paris
75-Paris74 avenue d'Italie
75013 Paris
Monday to Friday 9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. -6:30
31 avenue de l'Opéra
75002 Paris
Monday to Friday 9:30 a.m. -6:00 p.m.
81-85 rue d'Avron
75020 Paris
Monday to Friday 9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. -6:30 p.m.

Find a full list of EDF boutiques throughout France.

EDF Regional Delegations

EDF regional deal with regional policy and internal concerns (such as staff management). Contact EDF over the phone, online, via post, or in an EDF agency for customer service concerns.

EDF Délégations Régionales in France




Délégation Alsace67, 6832, allée de la Robertsau
67083 Strasbourg Cedex
Délégation Aquitaine24, 33, 40, 47, 64Domaine de Savignac, 83 bd Pierre 1er
33492 Le Bouscat Cedex
Délégation Auvergne03, 15, 43, 6334, bd Aristide Briand
63058 Clermont-Ferrand Cedex 01
Délégation Bourgogne21, 58, 71, 894, rue Louis Néel-BP 87981
21079 Dijon
Délégation Bretagne22, 29, 35, 567, rue Maillard de la Gournerie-TSA 43935
35039 Rennes Cedex
Délégation Centre18, 28, 36, 37, 41, 4531, avenue de Paris
45057 Orléans Cedex
Délégation Corse2A, 2B2, avenue de l'impératrice Eugénie-BP 406
20174 Ajaccio Cedex
Délégation Franche-Comté25, 39, 70, 90Immeuble le Pulsar, 4 chemin de l'Ermitage
25042 Besançon Cedex 03
Délégation Languedoc-Roussillon11, 30, 34, 48, 6620, avenue Frédéric Mistral
34965 Montpellier Cedex 02
Délégation Limousin19, 23, 8713, rue Louis Armand-BP 29224
87222 Feytiat
Délégation Lorraine54, 55, 57, 5821, rue de la Croix d'Auyot-BP 3406
54015 Nancy Cedex
Délégation Midi-Pyrénées09, 12, 31, 32, 46, 65, 81, 825, rue Claude-Marie Perroud-TSA 50040
31096 Toulouse Cedex 01
Délégation Nord Pas de Calais59, 62174, avenue de la République-BP 140
54015 Nancy Cedex
Délégation Normandie14, 50, 6121, avenue de Cambridge - BP 10020
14101 HĂ©rouville Saint Clair Cedex
Délégation PACA04, 05, 06, 13, 83, 84470, avenue du Prado-BP 177
13268 Marseille Cedex 08
Délégation Pays de la Loire44, 49, 53, 72, 852, place Saint Pierre-BP 61201
44012 Nantes Cedex 01
Délégation Picardie02, 60, 803, rue Vincent Auriol-BP 28
80017 Amiens Cedex 01
Délégation Poitou Charentes16, 17, 79, 868, rue Marcel Paul-BP 272
86007 Poitiers Cedex
Délégation régionale Champagne Ardenne08, 10, 51, 522, rue Sainte-Charles-BP 290
51060 Reims Cedex
Délégation régionale Ile-de-France75, 77, 78, 91, 92, 93, 94, 959, avenue Percier, 5ème étage
75008 Paris
Délégation Rhône Alpes01, 07, 26, 38, 42, 69, 73, 74196 avenue Thiers
69461 Lyon Cedex 06

Sign up for an energy plan in France! Interested in setting up a gas or electricity plan in France? Call a Selectra English-speaking advisor to help subscribe to a French provider, for free. Just call 0987673793, or get a free callback. Announcement


How do I contact EDF France from English? ›

Speak to an advisor by calling 0808 156 6666(2) from a landline or 0300 330 0519(2) from a mobile.

What is telephone number to EDF customer services? ›

Received a call from us?
0333 009 7062 0333 009 6998 0191 426 5604 0800 056 2422 0800 056 1014 0115 718 0236EDF customer services
0748 080 2942EDF customer services via SMS and WhatsApp
8 more rows

How do I complain to EDF France? ›

If you wish to complain about the service you have received from EDF you need to take the complaint up with them in the first instance. You can do so at Contact Form. An English speaking advisor can also be contacted by telephone on 0033-(0)9 69 36 63 83. You can also visit one of their local offices.

How do I get in touch with EDF Energy? ›

You can also: Call: 0333 200 5100, open Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm and Saturday 8am to 2pm Message: SMS (07881341928) or WhatsApp (07480802942) Email: In writing: FREEPOST: EDF Energy – Plymouth Visit one of our offices: If it's more convenient you can visit any of EDF's customer ...

How do I cancel my EDF contract in France? ›

What is the notice period to cancel my energy contract? There is no notice period: you can cancel your EDF electricity and/or gas contract by contacting us by telephone on: +33 (0)9 69 36 63 83 (price of a local call within France). An appointment is necessary if your electricity and/or gas meter is not accessible.

Is it free to call EDF? ›

Calls to this service are free of charge. Get more information on the power cut call 105 services. If it's not an emergency and you have a question, you may find what you need in our online help centre. You can also look up the relevant contact numbers here.

Does EDF have live chat? ›

24/7 Live chat – small business fast response contact | EDF.

How do I contact Contact Energy? ›

Need help? Please phone us on 0800 80 80 86 during business hours and Saturdays. We're ready to help.

Does Enedis have an English speaking line? ›

There is no dedicated Enedis English helpline. Enedis customer service phone numbers are serviced in French. To get English-speaking assistance with the commissioning of your electricity meter, call a Selectra energy advisor on 09 87 67 37 93, or get a free callback.

Is it free to call EDF? ›

Calls to this service are free of charge. Get more information on the power cut call 105 services. If it's not an emergency and you have a question, you may find what you need in our online help centre. You can also look up the relevant contact numbers here.

How do I pay my EDF bill in France? ›

You can either arrange to pay by cheque following receipt of your bill or arrange a direct debit (prélèvement automatique). You can also pay by credit card. You can also arrange to pay your bill over the internet by setting up an internet account. You can do so for EDF at Mon Espace Client.

What does EDF do in France? ›

EDF specialises in electricity, from engineering to distribution.


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