37820-PZD-A06 ECU with PROGRAMMING - VIN & Security | Honda Element | ECM PCM Engine Control Computer OEM (2023)

37820-PZD-A06 ECU with PROGRAMMING - VIN & Security | Honda Element | ECM PCM Engine Control Computer OEM (1)

37820-PZD-A06 ECU with PROGRAMMING - VIN & Security | Honda Element | ECM PCM Engine Control Computer OEM (2)

37820-PZD-A06 ECU with PROGRAMMING - VIN & Security | Honda Element | ECM PCM Engine Control Computer OEM (3)

37820-PZD-A06 ECU with PROGRAMMING - VIN & Security | Honda Element | ECM PCM Engine Control Computer OEM (4)


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Check out our plug and play OEM replacement engine computer!

Compatible: 2004, 2005, 2006 Honda Element

OEM Part Number: 37820PZDA06

See description for more details.

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Compatible: 2004, 2005, 2006 Honda Element

OEM Part Number: 37820-PZD-A06

Looking for a plug and play replacement 37820-PZD-A06 ECU?

Want to avoid costly dealer programming fees and locksmiths?

We can help!

This tested replacement engine control unit (ECU) is available with our programming service.

To receive a plug and play replacement ECU that requires no additional programming, we will need your original unit to transfer the data to the replacement.

This process will allow you to start your vehicle with your current set of keys and transfer your VIN to a replacement unit – without needing to hire a locksmith or pay for dealer programming.

How it works:

  1. Simply purchase the replacement ECU by clicking the Buy Now button above.
  2. When packaging your original ECU – include your name and order number provided in the order confirmation email.
  3. Using any shipping service – ship us your original ECU. Address will be provided via email after checkout.

✓ That’s it, you’re done!

Once we receive your ECU, we will the transfer the data from your original to the replacement you’ve ordered, typically with 24 to 48 hours.

A tracking number will be emailed to your inbox as soon as the replacement has been shipped.

Re-install and you’re ready to go, no programming or calibration needed.


The entire process from start to finish typically takes 5 to 7 business days including transit times. (From your door to ours, back to yours.)

Our tested, OEM pre-owned units include a hassle free 2-year warranty.

Part number received may differ slightly depending on the unit, but it will be compatible.

In most cases we will be able to extract your data regardless of water or flood damage, physical damage, etc.

Since we would be transferring your data from the original unit to the replacement, we do not require your VIN or keys.

Please ensure the unit you send us did at one point start the vehicle. It’s okay if the unit failed and no longer starts the vehicle – as long as it did start prior to failure.

We do not include a shipping label for your original unit, you will have to pay to ship the unit to us. USPS Priority Mail via Flat Rate Box or Envelope would be the quickest and most cost-effective way.

Part numbers are important, be sure to order a replacement that matches your original part number.

Supplies may be limited.

“Why do I need programming?”

In many modern vehicles, components are equipped with a theft deterrent called an immobilizer system. Things like the keys, ignition lock modules and computers are all synced together within the system. If the programming of a component within the immobilizer system doesn’t match the other components of the system – the immobilizer system will not allow your vehicle to start.

If you replace an ECU without programming the unit first, the vehicle will fail to start – that’s where we come in!

By taking theoriginaldata from your old ECUandtransferring it to our replacementECU– you will not have to worry about programming your computer using local dealers or locksmiths since we handle the programming for you – saving you 100’s sometimes 1000’s of dollars.

Ready to program units: If you’re a locksmith, dealer or mechanic and do not require our included key programming service – we do have ready to program versions available. Just include a note during checking asking for a “ready to program” unit and include the VIN you want programmed. This unit will be programmed to your VIN and key ready, enabled to be programmed to any key – provided you have the tools to do so.

Note:Ready to program units will require tools for programming, this is not a self-programming unit.(Delivery may take up to 7 business days)

Technician’s Notes:

Some common symptoms of a bad ECU include:

  • Rough idle
  • Cylinder misfire
  • Poor acceleration
  • Not found via OBD
  • A/C no longer functions
  • Failure or difficult to start
  • Fault codes that will not clear
  • Transmission shifting problems

Other acronyms for the Engine Computer: ECU Engine Control Unit – ECM Engine Control Module – BCM Body Control Module – PCM Power Control Module

OEM Meaning: Original Equipment Manufacturer – our units are factory original units.

We understand for some, a vehicle is part of the family. Our mission is to get your vehicle back on the road by offering quick and cost-effective solutions.

If you have any questions about this unit or anything else, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

-Module Mechanics

Additional information


Honda Element 2004, 2005, 2006

Part Number


General FAQ

1. Do you take walk-in customers? No. Currently we are not taking walk in customers., 2. Is there a warranty? Yes. We include a 2-year warranty with this unit. , 3. What if unit data cannot be transferred? In the unlikely event we are unable to complete the transfer, the unit will be sent back, and a full refund will be issued, or we can send you the unit you’ve ordered from us, and a local locksmith can program it to your vehicle. It’s up to you. , 4. Do you take international orders? Yes, you may complete the order as usual. See shipping for INT. Shipping details. , 5. When will I receive the unit? Typically, 2-4 business days after we receive your unit to transfer the data., 6. Can I order any unit if the year / make / model shows it’s compatible? No. There are many different part numbers for the same year / make / model vehicle. Make sure to order the correct part number or the unit will not work and must be replaced with the correct unit., 7. Can I give you my VIN to lookup which part number I need? No. We do not do VIN searches for these units. You will need to locate the part on the vehicle and order using the part number or call a local dealer and have them do the VIN search for you., 8. Where is my part number located? You will find the part number on a sticker adhered either to the side and/or under the cover of the unit. (Typically, in the boldest numbers), 9. What is an immobilizer system? This system prevents theft by syncing modules like your ECU and pairing them with your keys. If any module or key is not programmed to the system, the vehicle will not start. , 10. How does this work? We will provide a replacement ECU and transfer the immobilizer data from your original unit to the replacement. We will require your original unit to be sent to the address we provided in the description, we will then transfer the data from that unit to the replacement ordered from us and send it back to your address. , . 11. Why do you need my original ECU? These units are programmed to your key and your ignition module. To bypass a locksmith, we need your original unit so we can transfer the data from that unit to the replacement.

Shipping FAQ

1. What shipping service do you use? We primarily use USPS for sending ECUs. 2. What service should I use to ship to you? It’s up to you. You can use any service you like. Just make sure to include the name used to purchase the service on or inside the package. 3. Where do I send the unit? The address to send the unit is in the description. 4. Do you offer international shipping? We do offer international shipping. Our rates are preset for INT. shipping however, the rate may vary, depending on what is being sent. We may reach out for additional payment after completion if shipping costs exceed the preset rate that was charged.

Technical FAQ

1. Can you send me a pre-programmed unit without me sending mine in? No. We need your original unit for its data. 2. Can I order a unit without programming and program it myself? Yes. If you want to order a unit without us programming it, just include a note during checkout asking us to send it without programming. You will have to have tools or a locksmith to program it for you. 3. My unit was badly damaged. I.E. Water, fire, etc. Can you transfer the data? Yes. Even in extreme cases we most likely can still transfer the data to a replacement. 4. Will you program my VIN to the replacement? Yes. If a VIN is programmed to the unit, it will be transferred to the replacement. 5. Do you repair or replace my unit? We will replace the unit. Item offered is a replacement unit including our data transfer service. We do not offer a repair for these ECUs. 6. Will my mileage change? No. Your mileage will stay the same. 7. Can you program a new key to the ECU? No. This can only be done inside the vehicle since the key, ECU and ignition module must be synced together. 8. Does my original unit need to be programmed to my current key? Yes. If the unit you have now is not synced to the key, you have our immobilizer transfer will not start your vehicle. 9. Will my door remote fobs still work? Yes. The fobs will work with the replacement.

Return FAQ

1. What if I want to return the unit? That’s fine. If within the warranty period, simply reach out to us at support@modulemechanics.com with your order number, name, and reason for return. We will reach back out to you with instructions and where to send the unit. 2. Can I open a return over the phone? Not currently. For us to process a return you will need to email us support@modulemechanics.com but don’t worry we typically respond with 24 hours. 3. Under the warranty period can I get a replacement or refund? We prefer to send a replacement if one is available to fix the issue but of course you can always ask for a refund if you do not want a replacement. 4. Will I receive my old unit back if I want a return? Yes. We will send your old unit back with data programmed if the unit is returned in 60 days. 5. Do you provide return labels for returns? Not currently. You will have to ship the unit back to us using any shipping carrier you prefer. 6. How will I get my refund? A credit will be put back on the same payment method you used to place the order. 7. How long until I get my refund? Processing roughly takes 2-5 Business days after receiving the unit back. 8. Will I have to send the unit back? Yes. We will need the unit back before issuing a refund. 9. Will you refund shipping costs? No. We do not credit for shipping costs. 10. Will labor costs be credited? No. We will not issue any credits for costs of labor.

  • 2 Year Money Back Guarantee

Our mission is providing unique and cost saving solutions to combat the automotive industries problematic electronic issues, keeping you in your car, not your wallet.


Can I replace an ECM myself? ›

The answer to the question “Is it hard to replace an ECM?” is NO! The parts themselves aren't inexpensive (as long as you're buying them from us!), plus high quality aftermarket and OEM ECMs can be easily installed yourself.

What happens if ECM is not programmed? ›

If the ECM fails completely, it will leave the vehicle without engine management control, and will not start or run as a result. The engine may still crank, but it will not be able to start without the vital inputs from the computer.

Is the PCM the engine computer? ›

PCM (Powertrain Control Module) – This is a combined engine and transmission control unit which will provide management and correct function of the engine and transmission from one control unit. ECU (Engine Control Unit) / ECM (Engine Control Module) – This is an electronic control unit that manages the engine only.

Do ECM come programmed? ›

In case it does need to be replaced, know that a new ECM comes with a standard set of programs with pre-determined efficiency. Even if you're installing a new ECM in your old vehicle, it doesn't have to be reprogrammed to match its specifications.

Can a ECU be bypassed? ›

Depending on the application and the controller hardware, there are several ways to perform bypassing. One way is to use bypass hooks or service calls to jump from the controller to the real-time system. Another method is to change values in the memory (RAM) to overwrite specific outputs of the functions.

What is the most common failure of an ECM? ›

The most common source of ECM failure is in one of the wiring harnesses. If the wires to the transmission or fuel injectors become corroded, they can lose conductivity, leading to a failure. Fortunately, these issues can usually be resolved by replacing the corroded wires.

Why would a computer on a car need to be reprogrammed? ›

Flashing or reprogramming a car's computer is one way to keep the vehicle's engine control modules up to date. This is commonly done on vehicles 1996 and newer to make sure the microprocessors in the power train and fuel injectors are regulating the system properly.

How do I reprogram my ECU in my car? ›

ECU programming guide
  1. Connect the vehicle interface cable to the OBD-II connector and turn the ignition switch to ON.
  2. Open the ProECU software and choose Tools then Detect Vehicle.
  3. Select Program Engine ECU.
  4. Choose Query ECU to identify the ECU version fitted to the car.

What are the signs of a failing PCM? ›

7 Common PCM Failure Symptoms
  • Your 'Check Engine' Light is On. ...
  • Your Car Won't Start or Starts Roughly. ...
  • Sudden Loss of Gas Mileage. ...
  • You Failed Your Emissions Test. ...
  • Your Engine Stutters or Stalls. ...
  • Erratic or Random Shifting. ...
  • You're Receiving a PCM-Related Error Code. ...
  • What to Do If You Experience PCM Failure Symptoms.
23 Aug 2019

What is a PCM unlock? ›

Recalibrating or tuning a Mopar PCM involves physical modifications to the module to unlock the potential. This service is needed when tuning a vehicle to compensate for modifications, resulting in added power, torque, and performance.

What can damage a PCM? ›

Water is the primary element to avoid as exposure to it can render the PCM irreparable. Other environmental factors that could lead to PCM failure include thermal stress due to excessive heat and excessive vibration that causes sensitive parts to fail.

How much does it cost to get an ECU reprogrammed? ›

These typically cost somewhere in the ballpark of $200-$400. Again, the actual cost of repairing and replacing the ECM will depend on the make and model of your car. If the engine control module just needs to be tested, analyzed, and reprogrammed, it should cost you between $150 and $300.

What is the difference between an ECU and an ECM? ›

ECM stands for Engine Control Module, and ECU is short for Engine Control Unit. These two acronyms represent the same component and are used interchangeably.

What is bypass programming? ›

Term used to describe an alternate path. For example, a user may bypass a server's security measures by finding an alternate path of gaining access to the server.

How do I override my immobilizer? ›

You can bypass the immobilizer by placing the key in the keyhole hence deactivating the car's immobilizer to remote start.

Does removing battery reset ECU? ›

It depends on the car's age and type of ECU used. On some older cars, disconnecting the battery will reset the system but in most new cars it does nothing, except potentially reset the clock and radio station presets.

What problems can a faulty ECU cause? ›

For example, poor performance or unexplained drops in fuel economy or efficiency are often related to onboard car computer problems, or faulty ECU issues. A damaged ECU can cause problems when shifting gears in an automatic transmission, or cause sudden jerking or stopping that's similar to transmission problems.

What usually fails on an ECM motor? ›

Some older ECM motors will overheat and even fail when constantly running in over-amped conditions. Newer models are designed to drop airflow but time will tell on how well they will hold up. Other consequences of high static installations include noise at the registers from higher air velocities.

Does the ECM control the alternator? ›


In effect, the ECM controls charging amperage by commanding the alternator's internal voltage regulator to increase or decrease charging voltage.

Does resetting ECU do anything? ›

Resetting your ECU is a popular myth. In reality, resetting your engine control unit (ECU) after modifying your engine isn't necessary. However, resetting your ECU can help you fix a faulty check engine light or restore your car to factory setting.

Does a transmission control module need to be programmed? ›

When you install a new TCM in these vehicles, it must be programmed with dealer-level equipment or equivalent, and the programming must be performed on the vehicle. What's more, you should never try to drive the vehicle to the dealership after the repair; it may cause premature transmission failure.

How long does it take to reprogram a transmission? ›

If you take your vehicle to a repair shop that has the right tools and the information from the manufacturer, the process takes about 30 minutes to complete. Reprogramming a transmission shouldn't take very long.

How do I manually program my ECU? ›

How do you manually program a Toyota ECU?
  1. First, locate the ECU plug/connector. ...
  2. Take a paperclip (or other sturdy but flexible wire) and bend it into a U shape.
  3. Stick one end of the wire in pin slot 4, and the other end in pin slot 13.
  4. Leave the paperclip inserted, and start the car.
  5. Let the car run for 30 minutes.
25 Apr 2022

What is ProECU software? ›

The ProECU Programming Kit is the cable alternative to PhoneFlash which can be used by car enthusiasts and owner clubs alike to both diagnose and program a wide variety of vehicles.

Can you reset ECU with obd2? ›

The Primary purpose of OBD Scanner is to provide data on Performance checks on the car - using data from engine and transmission and finding in faults. However - resetting ECU is not something which OBD Scanners are capable of.

Does touching the battery cables together to reset computer? ›

See all 2 photos Connecting the positive and negative battery cables together for approximately 5 minutes will drain all of the capacitors in the computers and forces them to cold reboot. This is a very common fix for communication problems.

How do I reset my car without a scan tool? ›

How to Reset the ECU/ECM Without Disconnecting the Battery:
  1. Pop the hood and locate the fuse box.
  2. Remove the fuse cover, then the ECU/ECM fuse.
  3. Leave the fuses for at least 10 seconds or up to 15 minutes.
  4. Reinstall the car computer fuse and replace the fuse cover.
  5. Take out your vehicle for a test drive.

How long does it take for a car computer to reset? ›

Here's something you probably don't know: after clearing the car's computer you will need to drive for about 50 to 100 miles. As you drive your car the computer will monitor all the sensors and register the results.

Can PCM cause no start? ›

Consequently, no-start problems can be caused by communication issues between the PCM, ignition switch and key or key fob, by a fault in the PCM's anti-theft circuitry, or by a problem in the starter, ignition or fuel delivery system. That's why accurate diagnosis of any suspected PCM-related fault is so important.

Can you drive on a failing PCM? ›

If the issue is less severe, it is possible to drive your car with a bad PCM. However, keep in mind that the PCM can develop issues that can compromise your safety on the road without any warning. So it would be best to stop driving your vehicle until you can have its bad PCM repaired or replaced.

What scan tool can flash a PCM? ›

The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) created the J2534 standard so that only one PCM flash tool, often referred to as the pass-thru device, is needed. Virtually all 1996 and newer Domestic, Asian and European vehicles are compatible with the J2534 compliant pass-thru tool.

What is the PCM code for ECM? ›

Code P0606 is triggered when there is a fault found in the processor internal to the Engine Control Module (ECM)/Powertrain Control Module (PCM). Based on your manufacturer, it will either be an ECM or PCM.

Can a tuner lock your ECU? ›

When a 'tune' gets locked, what is actually happening is a custom password (key) is entered onto the ECU. This means when commercial tuning softwares tried to read or write a new tune, they are rejected by the ECU since the default key they enter is incorrect.

Can a PCM cause reduced engine power? ›

PCM or Data Network Problems

Most late-model vehicles contain dozens of computers (also known as modules) that communicate with one another over a data network. If the network gets interrupted, or the PCM is having issues, the vehicle may enter Reduced Engine Power mode.

How long does it take to reprogram an ECU? ›

Resetting an ECU by disconnecting a car battery is a simple process that anyone can do. Please be aware that resetting an ECU usually takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, so plan accordingly.

What happens if you master reset your car? ›

A master reset will erase all settings on your SYNC System such as navigated routes and the phone book for the sync system.

What happens when you reset your car to factory settings? ›

Some cars have a factory reset option that will return the settings and data to their original state. But even after a factory reset, you may still have work to do. For example, your old car may still be connected to subscription services like satellite radio, mobile wi-fi hotspots, and data services.

What is ECU hard reset? ›

The service "ECU reset" is used to restart the control unit (ECU). Depending on the control unit hardware and implementation, different forms of reset can be used: "Hard Reset" simulates a shutdown of the power supply. "key off on Reset" simulates the drain and turn on the ignition with the key.

What happens if you put the wrong ECM in your car? ›

A faulty ECM can send poor data to your vehicle's transmission control module (TCM). As a result, the vehicle cannot properly shift gears or apply power, causing the shift to feel awkward, delayed, or even jarring. When this occurs, the engine may sporadically become more active or stall out.

Does the ECU control the transmission? ›

A transmission control unit (TCU), also known as a transmission control module (TCM), or a gearbox control unit (GCU), is a type of automotive ECU that is used to control electronic automatic transmissions.

Is an ECM plug and play? ›

Fortunately, ECMs have progressed in design to the point that they're now “plug and play” and come pre-coded to work with your particular vehicle. Here's some helpful tips on replacing the ECM on some of our most popular manufacturers' vehicles.

Is it hard to install an ECM? ›

When the ECM goes bad, it can cause the car to run erratically, if at all. The ECU Installation is simple & takes about 30 minutes to complete. These instructions are meant to be a generic guide to try fit most cars.

How long does it take to replace an ECM? ›

If you take your car into a dealer to replace the ECM, it will usually take about an hour or two.

Does a new ECM have to be flashed? ›

If so, what side effects will I have from driving this car with an unflashed ECM. My car has 179000 miles. My car has an automatic transmission. Yes, a new ECM will have to flashed before you can even start your vehicle.

What does upgrading your ECU do? ›

It's important to keep your ECU's software updated. Doing so will improve the responsiveness of your vehicle, and prevent wear and tear on your transmission. In addition to ensuring your transmission and gearbox are performing as they should, an optimized ECU controls: The timing of your car's ignition.

Can the PCM cause transmission problems? ›

A failed PCM or TCM can cause the car to get stuck in gear, which can be a serious safety issue. It can also lead to costly transmission damage.

How much does it cost to reset a car computer? ›

The pricing for this can vary depending on the amount of work to fix it and the parts needed. Generally, this can be between $80 and $180.

What does flashing a transmission do? ›

Reflashing new calibrations for the transmission can solve shifting and even wear issues without having to rebuild the transmission.

Why would a PCM need to be reprogrammed? ›

PCM Reprogramming or reflashing is essentially a software upgrade and may be required to resolve a hot or cold starting issue, idle roughness, stalling, or an emissions failure.

What does flashing your ECM do? ›

Remapping an ECM for a Different Vehicle

Reflashing allows the engine to be tuned calibrated in the same way that the factory does it. In other words, flashing an ECM allows it to have the same software and parameters that it would have were it in a vehicle rolling new off the assembly line.

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